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Understanding Your Legal Rights In A Paternity Action

Modern family arrangements call for creative approaches. An unmarried couple may live together and raise a child, only to discover that certain legal formalities may be necessary. Perhaps the child’s birth certificate does not include the father’s name. Unmarried parents who have separated may desire a formal custody arrangement and visitation schedule. Perhaps the parents seek legal confirmation of the informal visitation schedule they have already established.

These examples illustrate that a paternity case often involves many of the same issues as in divorce. In both, a court will concern itself with the best interests of the child standard, and statutory child support guidelines also apply. As in custody proceedings, the court may also assign minor’s counsel to ensure that a child’s opinion is considered. Given these similar complexities, you need an attorney to protect your interests.

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Our law office is a trusted resource in paternity actions. Where possible, we work with the parties for an efficient solution. For example, a father might be able to save time and money by signing a declaration of paternity. DNA evidence is also an established method of proving paternity.

Paternity actions may also involve heated emotions. The biological father may be uncertain of his rights, especially in situations where the mother has been raising the child with another partner for a period of time. The other partner who has assumed a parental role also has an interest. Fortunately, California courts recognize a variety of shared custody and visitation arrangements.

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We understand the complexities and emotions involved in paternity actions. We provide calm, compassionate and efficient representation when emotions run high. To learn more about our paternity practice, schedule a free initial consultation. Call our Bakersfield, California, office at 661-489-7634, or contact us online.

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