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Do You Need A Post-Judgment Modification?

We understand that uncertain times may impact your finances. The support obligations required of your divorce decree may now be untenable. Yet, the recipients of your support may oppose any informal requests to reduce your payments.

Modified Support Obligations

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Fortunately, family law courts in California provide a legal process for requesting relief. To qualify for a post-judgment modification, the court must agree that you have experienced a significant change of circumstances. One example might be a 25 percent change in gross monthly income. However, the court also exercises its discretion in determining whether you have met that standard. With our advocacy, we will make sure that the court understands the full context of your situation.

Modified Custody Or Visitation Arrangements

Post-judgment modifications are not limited to financial re-evaluations, however. If your work schedule or home environment has changed, you may now be able to spend more time with your children. Consequently, you may want to revise your custody and visitation arrangements. As in the divorce, the court will evaluate your request under the best interests of the child standard.

Contact A Skilled Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

Since the other party often opposes modification requests, you will need a skilled attorney to litigate for your best outcome. Call 661-489-7634, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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