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There are many issues that must be resolved in a divorce proceeding. The assets and debts of the marital estate must be inventoried and divided according to California’s community property laws. Child custody and visitation schedules must be determined. Child support and/or alimony obligations must be determined and calculated. Any one of these issues may leave you feeling overwhelmed. This is where our experience can serve you.

Working Efficiently For Your Bottom Line

For over 25 years, the Law Office of George R. Horrigan has helped couples making the difficult decisions involved in a divorce proceeding. We understand how to navigate the process in a way that minimizes the cost and emotional toll.

Our starting point is the Meet and Confer required by the courts in Kern County. At this meeting, we explore the viability of negotiating informal agreements with the other party, outside of the court’s involvement. Any agreements that are reached can be presented to the court for approval.

Aggressive Litigation When It’s Needed

There is benefit even if couples reach partial agreements. For the remaining issues, we generally prioritize child custody and visitation discussions first, followed by property discussions of the marital estate. It is not uncommon for couples to require the court’s decision to resolve a contentious issue. Fortunately, we are also thoroughly experienced in divorce litigation.

If we do need to go to trial on one or more issues in your divorce, we will ensure that you feel comfortable and prepared. We will explain the exhibits we will be using and the process, perhaps including a mock trial if you will be testifying.

We also know how to be tough in court. When your rights are at stake, we will fight hard. For example, if there are reasons why the other party is unfit for visitation or child custody, we will not shy away from asking tough questions in court.

Contact An Experienced Divorce Attorney

From calm, informal negotiations to aggressive court litigation, we have the experience to protect your rights in a divorce proceeding. Get the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced divorce attorney on your side. Call 661-489-7634, or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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