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Child Support, Custody And Visitation FAQs

Child Support Calculations

California law provides guidelines for child support, making the calculation fairly straightforward. We can explain how these guidelines apply to your unique situation. The court considers a number of factors in determining the amount of child support, such as income, debts, health insurance and custody/visitation agreements. For example, the noncustodial parent is generally required to provide assistance to the parent with physical custody of the child.

Child custody, in contrast, is one of the more emotional aspects of a divorce. Determining the post-divorce care for your children is challenging. We have the experience to protect your parental rights in a custody and visitation arrangement that serves a child’s best interests.

Child Custody Factors

A number of factors inform the court’s custody determination. The bottom line is a home environment that is nurturing and stable for the child. If one parent’s work schedule prevents him or her from maintaining a daily presence, he or she may desire joint legal custody but grant physical custody to the other parent. In that arrangement, both parents would share in the major decisions affecting the child, but only one parent would have the primary responsibility for the daily care of the child.

As you might guess, emotions often run high in child custody discussions. A court may also appoint minor’s counsel to ensure that the child’s opinion is heard. The court may also hear from professionals such as child psychologists. We always hope for amicable negotiations, but the court’s decision is sometimes needed to break a stalemate. If a trial is needed, our peers and former clients know that we put on an aggressive case.

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