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Will I Receive Alimony?

Although dual-income families are common in California, there are still situations where temporary or even permanent spousal support, or alimony, may be appropriate in a divorce arrangement.

Factors That Apply To Alimony Determinations

California law provides over a dozen factors that inform the court’s decision to award alimony. These factors, enumerated in Section 4320 of the Family Code, include the length and standard of living during the marriage; each spouse’s earning ability; the age, health and needs of each party; and any additional equitable factors selected at the court’s discretion.

Permanent Alimony

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California law also provides general guidelines for calculating the duration of alimony. Marriages of less than 10 years are considered short term, and warrant alimony payments for only half the length of the marriage. Marriages of longer length are considered long term, warranting alimony until it is no longer necessary. For example, alimony may become unnecessary if the party experiences a change in condition, such remarriage or cohabitation.

As in most aspects of family law, the court has discretion to fashion an alimony arrangement that it considers just and equitable. For this reason, it is important to fully present your side of the story. We have the experience to make sure that your voice is heard.

Contact An Experienced Alimony Attorney

Family law courts are also open to reviewing arrangements that the parties are able to reach by themselves. Our law firm typically begins discussions with letter, exploring whether informal negotiation may be possible. We want to achieve your best outcome in the most efficient and cost-saving manner possible. To this end, the court typically also imposes a Meet and Confer obligation on the parties.

We work hard to protect your interests during alimony determinations. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our Bakersfield, California, office at 661-489-7634, or contact us online.

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