Bringing More Certainty During An Uncertain Time

Money-related issues can combine emotionally charged issues with legal complexities. At the Law Office of George R. Horrigan, we understand the emotional elements involved in negotiating or litigating support agreements.

Throughout the entire process of determining alimony and child support, you will have a lawyer at your side who will look out for your best interests.

Focusing On The Best Interests Of Your Children In Determining Support

California guidelines largely determine child support amounts. You need to know these guidelines and their application to your unique situation. This area of family law requires detailed examination of your specific situation, both financially and personally.

Determining child support amounts various factors that include income, debts, health insurance and custody/visitation agreements, specifically who has physical custody and the spouse who is the noncustodial parent.

Taking On The Complexities Of Spousal Support

The transition from marriage to divorce creates uncertainty, specifically when it comes to making ends meet and maintaining a lifestyle that you enjoyed while you were married. Statutes exist to determine appropriate spousal maintenance amounts.

The courts look at income, health insurance, the length of the marriage, and other factors. Unlike child support where strict calculations exist, maintenance cases must be treated individually.

When Enforcement And Collection Actions Become Necessary

Divorce attorney George R. Horrigan's job does not end upon the finalization of child and spousal support agreements. Enforcement of the order may become necessary. On your behalf, we will employ all of our resources toward securing the money you and your children are entitled to.

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